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At SMART HMS & Solutions Private Ltd, we develop advanced Healthcare IT systems and solutions to help and assist healthcare organisations in their journey to digital transformation. We take pride in retaining the best breed of skilled resources in Healthcare ERP (Smart-HMIS), Mobility, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data Technology solutions along with advanced technologies that include AI & ML. Our radically distinctive and unequalled global delivery model helps us to deliver quality services to customers through robust and uniquely customized on-site/offshore methodology.

Our Offerings

SMART HMS all-in-one

All-in-one Solution

SMART HMIS”, our healthcare ERP platform, acts as a holistic solution which integrates a spectrum of new technologies and modules into a single platform. Modules like HRM, Finance, EMR, Inventory, Assets, Canteen etc. are included as part of Smart-HMIS without the need for a third party application. Consolidating data into a centralized, all-in-one platform enables the hospital management with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate the various departments. Apart from the standard modules, we offer mobile application for patients (to reduce waiting time and to provide easy access to hospital facilities), mobile application for hospital staff (to facilitate internal mobility), integrated data analytics solution, powerful integration with lab analysers (or bio medical equipment or remote patient monitoring) and integrated web portal or website. The application architecture is designed as big data capable. The database structuring facilitates processing of data at higher volume, velocity and variety and makes Smart HMIS capable to be an “all in one” platform

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SMART HMS Mobility


As we are living in an era where smartphones become a necessity rather than a luxury, we have given great focus in the development of mobile solutions and integrated them in the SMART HMIS platform. We have developed customer mobile Apps taking utmost care to make the life of the patients easier and also improve customer traction and operational efficiency to the hospitals. Reducing the average time a patient spends in the hospital enhances inventory efficiency, improves satisfaction and increases footfall and ultimately leads to higher revenue. This concept is engraved in the design elements of our software and led to the development of Smart-HMIS mobile application for patients. Utility mobile applications that cater to the needs of specific departments in a hospital, both clinical and non-clinical, are also included in our mobility solutions.

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SMART HMS Data-Anlytics

Data Analytics

Driving an organization with business intelligent insights is a science. Our Smart-HMIS solution would help transform an organization to be data driven. SMART HMIS platform is developed with great focus on core analytics. The technology that drives SMART HMIS is suited for big data and is capable of handling large volumes of data. Analytics dashboards are integrated with SMART HMIS in real time which would provide analytics on various key performance indicators relevant for the hospital management. Smart-HMIS is designed efficiently to use the maximum potential of data created within the system, which helps in making quick and accurate decisions. Analytics would also help hospitals to manage all resources efficiently.

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SMART HMS Branch-Arc

Branch Architecture

Growth is an inevitable outcome of any successful organisation. A growing hospital will always look for expansion, be it enhancing the existing infrastructure or adding more branches to it. SMART HMIS provides the capability of implementing a branch architecture which helps in extending the functionalities of the core application to branches and subsidiaries of the parent hospital. This provides operational and administrative ease to hospitals. A centralized EMR in a secured environment makes it easy for doctors and healthcare practitioners to access patient data faster and in an efficient manner thereby resulting in a more coordinated and systematic patient care. Other benefits include faster implementations, reduced maintenance, centralised deployments and unified processes across branches.

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SMART HMS Scalablity


Our Healthcare technology platform has been built with great emphasis on scalability. Our systems are capable of seamlessly handling the growth or expansion of the hospital, increase in user base and exponential growth in the volume of data, without any downtime round the clock. We also provide a wide array of integration capabilities that enable our systems to work along with other software or supporting add-ons which will improve the overall operational efficiency and productivity of the various departments in a hospital.

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SMART HMS PatientCentricity

Patient Centricity

While we strive to provide technological assistance to the healthcare industry, we also focus on patient centricity. Along with providing quality healthcare, it is equally important to value the patient’s time and overall experience in a hospital. We provide solutions where the patients have visibility about the live token status of their appointment even before they reach the hospital premises. Our solutions help the hospital in reducing patient queues, long waiting times, faster admission and discharge processes and so on

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